Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Today I don't feel so good.

The weight loss has went superb. Still got more to kill, but I'll spare you my ranting like a angst-y teenage girl (as my mother so delicately put it).

I'm not sure what is wrong.
Maybe it's the introvert in me.
It's been gorgeous outside all day. Y'know, blue skies, light breeze.
No matter how hard I try, I can't bring myself to go outside.
I'm tired, bored and pretty sick of this country again.
I get waves of this in life.

I want a job. I want money. I want to escape.
I want to travel. I want to laugh, relax and enjoy life.

I'll be moving house at the end of the month. We already have the keys for the new place.
Well, I say "new" place. However, I've actually lived there before. A lot of bad memories lie in that place, due to a crappy social life (see my Turning 20 blog...) and many good ones lie here.
I've had to throw out tonnes of old clothes, videos, games, books... just a lot of my old belongings.
It's really depressing as even the clothes bring up memories of my teenage years.
The lack of pictures and photos I have from those years also hits me hard. It's upsetting not to have many keepsakes to look back on. I'm just thankful for what I have left.

I suppose I'll go out for a jog. I'm trying to cut out meals after 6.30. So it's a nice distraction.
Maybe that jog will refresh me enough to keep me sane for the rest of the evening. I may go to the beach tomorrow. I think I'll also post a blog of just images taken lately. Why the hell not? Look out for that tomorrow.

This blog post is just me whining. I'm just not having a good day.
Maybe something will pick up, soon.
G'night blog.

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