Sunday, 4 March 2012

Deathstars/Rammstein and hijinks.

I had the nicest feeling this week.
Looking for something to wear, since I was sick of wearing t-shirts in this weather, I decided to try on my old black button-up shirt.
Not only did it fit, but it was flattering. Dear sweet maker, I was in Heaven. So I paired it was a nice blazer and a pair of jeans and I happily skipped around like a merry little... gazelle...
I'm slowly getting to where I want to be. I'm impatient, but none the less.

So I finally got to see Deathstars and Rammstein live!

Myself and Courtney travelled down to Dublin and it was crazy. Before even leaving the hotel, we had taped up the fire alarms and broke the window off it's hinge to turn the room from "Non Smoking" to "Smoker's Heaven". On top of this, Danny also stole a very comfy armchair from the hotel lobby and brought that into our room.

Much gallavanting, drinking and whatnot went by, and we finally began our trek to the O2 Arena, with two random people we met while having a small dinner in the hotel who were also going to the concert. These two people also stayed around during the concert for a while and then we met them once more at Breakfast. Lovely bloke. Not too sure about his missus. But she might have been put off by the ridiculously loud bearded man with us. Who knows.

We got into the hall relatively quickly due to leaving a lot later then the opening time.
While waiting for Deathstars to come on stage, I caught sight of their drummer and Cat Casino, their guitarist. Waving our hands in the air when we caught sight of them, Cat waved back. Fanboy moment, activate.
The lights dimmed, and Deathstars hit the stage.

So what can I say? Deathstars sound true to how they do on their albums. Whiplasher's vocals were awesome, the guitars were powerful and all in all it was a great show. Opening with arguably their most popular song, Blitzkrieg, may have been a bad choice, but hearing them play "Night Electric Night" and my personal favourite, "Blood Stains Blondes", I was a happy camper. My only complaint was that they didn't get much of a reaction from the crowd, but I'll put a lot of that down to opening for such a strong act as Rammstein.

So we went outside for a break, had a drink and relocated for Rammstein.
All focus was on center stage waiting for the start. Once again, the lights dimmed and a loud intro track began to play.
Suddenly, the attention turned to the rafters as a giant metal bridge began to lower slowly. As it came down, bursts of smoke came out the sides. What a sick, sick entrance.

There are more photos on my Facebook album, though they're not very good quality. As you notice, I got significantly further awake during the pictures, due to dumbass skinheads proceeding to elbow and punch myself and others in the head. After relocating and finding Courtney etc. again, we relocated to the other side of the hall and a better section with a nice view of the stage.
Of all the songs they played, Amerika won "best song of the night" in my opinion, especially with the red, white and blue confetti cannons shot off during it. Alongside this, Feuer Frei, Du Hast, Buck Dich and Ich Will were all awesome too. Other songs played consisted of Sonne, Engel, Pussy, Mutter and more.

On the back back to the hotel, Danny ran in front of the trams to ask the Garda/Police directions. Surprisingly, no arrests occurred.
We eventually got back, drank more vodka and cokes and one by one fell asleep. One. By. One.
All in all, it was a fantastic night and I'm glad I got to spend it with Courtney. I'll spare you the lovey dovey crap, but aw. Aw.

In three weeks time, at this time, I'll be in the middle of seeing Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows and Black Veil Brides live in Belfast. Psyched? Completely. I'm sure I'll post another long blog/review of that.

What else is there for me to add to this blog? I've kept up the exercise and cutting out of excess junk food. Very proud of myself to be quite honest, though I did drunkenly march through Tescos, eating their Malteasers, before ditching the bag in behind a few boxs in a different isle. "With a rebel yell..."

Alright, I'll call this the end of the post, until next time I feel that something is worthy.
Sayonara blog.

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