Sunday, 5 February 2012

Tale of the tape.

During a drinking session on Thursday, I used those scales where you pay 50p and it gives you your BMI etc.
Although different things do alter the outcome slightly, such as shoes, clothing (jacket full of stuff) etc. the current standings are:
Height: 5'11.5
Weight: 81kg (178lb)
This does not please me, although it is reassuring seeing as it means I've lost 7lbs since September, and during that time I was still eating a pile of junk food, drinking beer and demolishing anything edible throughout Christmas.
Now that I've started my new regime, including cutting out daily junk binges and more exercise, I'm looking to shed more. My first target is 170lbs, though I can see this becoming a struggle if I continue hitting the weights and building muscle. So I'd even be happy if I cut down a few pounds and transferred fat into muscle.
We'll see how it goes.

Onto another issue, drinking. I have stated on my other blog somewhere that I'd be stopping drinking all together.
Yeah, as usual that didn't happen. I am now setting a more realistic goal.
I aim to cut out all beer, ale, lager, cider and drinks of similar brewing/content. Y'know, the "belly" drinks.
In it's place, I shall be drinking hard spirits, mainly vodka. In smaller portions. That and other tasty cocktails.
Passoa mojitos are a godsend.

Finally, I may be on the look out for a martial art or similar sport to get involved in on a weekly basis. I'll need to have a look around and see what takes my fancy. I don't want to end up in a Kickboxing class with a bunch of vermin from the rougher areas of Belfast.

Anyway, until next time, keep fighting. And remember, #2012isSaint.
You better believe it.


  1. Speaking of Martial arts, Jake and I may be starting Taekwondo soon. He definitely will. We'll have to see if I will.>_> Lmao

  2. Taekwondo's an interesting one. There's a lot of really cool martial arts out there, it's just finding places that aren't scummy in Belfast.
    I'll do more research in the coming weeks. Moving house in April, so yeah.